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FAQ - Laser Hair Removal
FAQ - laser hair removal


1. What is Laser Hair Removal?
Laser Hair removal is nothing but a procedure of removing hair permanently with the help of high pulse of laser. The procedure involves focusing the high-energy laser beam to destroy the hair follicle. This way it disables the growth of hair. The process does not require any needle or cream, as laser hair removal is non-invasive procedure of photoepilation.

2. What are the advantages of Laser hair removal?
This is the most safe and painless technique if performed by qualified surgeons. Permanent hair reduction is possible with the help of laser hair removal treatments. Large areas like back and legs can be managed easily to get rid of unwanted hair.

3. What are disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal?
In some cases hair regrowth has been seen but with thin finer hair of light color. A few of the risks or temporary side effects of laser hair removal include skin changes in the form of burns, scars, redness, swelling etc. The procedure is not suitable for dark skin.

4. What are the areas suitable for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Almost all the body areas could be treated well except skin near to the eyes. The most common and popular areas for men and women include face, neck, upper lip, underarms, chest, back, abdomen, legs, bikini line area, etc.

5. Is the process of Laser Hair Removal faster?
The procedure of hair removal with laser is exceptionally faster than any other process for the purpose. If we consider back for laser hair removal, it does not take more than one hour to compete the treatment. If we go for electrolysis for the same treatment, it will take more than 125 hours.

6. What are precautions before the treatment?
People interested in laser hair removal treatment must avoid suntan or sunbath before the treatment. Some of the physicians also ask not to shave the treatment area. The patient should avoid bleaching or plucking weeks before the treatment. Above all you should consult your physician for the pre treatment instructions.

7. What are the precautions to be taken after the treatment?
You may feel redness or bumps on your skin after the treatment. So avoid makeup and cosmetics. Try to make maximum use of moisturizer. You are also advised to use sun block for a few weeks after the treatment.

8. What are the side effects?
One of the major side effects is pigmentary changes of your skin area. Such changes on your skin are temporary but may exist for months also. These changes are very rare in fair skin. Temporary blisters and burns are also seen after the treatment for people mainly with darker skin.

9. Will Laser Hair Removal work for me?
People with fair complexion skin and dark hair are ideal candidates for the treatment. The laser provides effective results on darker hair with melanin. Blond, gray or red hairs do not respond well in the treatment. Light skin and dark hair always give you the best results of laser hair removal treatment.

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