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The concept of home permanent hair removal laser is nothing but permanent reduction of hair on any of the specific part of the body. It slows down the re-growth of the hair significantly for a few months or some times for a few years. But it cannot stop them from growing again. Permanent hair removal laser is a lengthy process that requires the candidate to undergo several treatment sessions. Many people who are aware of the hair re-growth get additional permanent hair removal laser treatment once or twice annually.

The basic reason of the re-growth of hair even after home permanent hair removal laser treatments is that all the follicles need to be in live state at the time of therapy. Laser treatment could not affect the hair follicles that are inactive during the initial sessions of laser hair removal surgery. Only the active or live follicles are deadening by the treatment. The inactive follicles start growing after the therapy, resulting in the hair re-growth. So more number of treatment sessions are required to kill such follicles to stop the hair growth.

Home permanent hair removal laser treatments leave usually temporary side effects like minor irritation, swelling, redness, itching which in fact last just for an hour. So there is no such side effect that prevents you to get your hair removed with laser therapy. Many laser hair removal machines are being used including Alexandrite, ruby, diode, and Nd:YAG models.

The results of permanent hair removal laser are not good on dark people. The dark skin absorbs most of the laser energy leaving little energy for the follicle, which is not sufficient to kill the follicle. White or brown hair people also react in the same manner, as they are not able to absorb the energy required to deaden the follicle. So the treatment is more effective to the people with dark hair and fair complexion.

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